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Surveyor 630

Control the sky to measure the earth

Exceptional flight characteristics provide the foundation for precise data acquisition. The Surveyor 630 has earned its reputation to get the job done reliably with its fast and flexible flight characteristics. Everyday customers tell us that the Surveyor UAV outperforms their expectations. The system goes out day after day in all conditions and gets the job done. The Surveyor is a system that is truly appreciated by operators who have own or flown competitors systems. An educated consumer is our best customer.

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Orion 700

Open the potential of remote thermal sensing

A convergence of advanced technologies transforms the world of remote sensing. The Orion 700 captures radiometric sequence recordings while performing precision low-altitude flights. Designed to maximize flight control and operate a fully integrated FLIR A65 radiometric thermal camera. This system is loved by Thermographers and Scientists alike, because of its on-board computer. Having an on-board computer that can be controlled from the ground opens a wide range of computerized payloads that have never had a UAV to carry them.



Surveyor 300

Compact without compromise.

Newest design in our diverse range, the Surveyor 300 delivers performance unrivaled in its class. This system was designed as an entry level system for customers with specific needs. The system is portable and robust for remote location flights. Unique to the Meridian Flight System is an advanced telemetry package. The UAV may be small in size but not in features. Two of the innovative features on the Surveyor 300 is its battery power monitoring where you can see the actual power consumption to accurately understand your battery level. Second is its adjustable intervalometer controls right on the radio. You can select from 1,2 or 3 second photo intervals to match your speed.