The ultimate imaging platform that allows for maximum payload capacity and exceptional camera control. The Infinite JIb™ Pro, based on the SkyJib Airframe, the largest most capable multi-rotor UAV system in the world. When the team at Droidworx were looking to brand name their flagship UAV they found inspiration from our company … Infinite Jib™ Inc.

How the craft does it:

A system created through the continuing desire to reach new limits. Available in a one or two person configuration, the muscular exterior delivers the strength and reliability required to soar to heights with the precision required for professional aerial cinematography or specialized industrial applications.

What does the Infinite Jib™ Pro Flight System include?

  • Flight Case: Shipped in an impressive aluminum flight case, custom built with a cut foam insert to secure it. The case accommodates the SkyJib components: radio case, spare parts, battery charger and batteries. This case means business and looks it too!
  • Airframe: Droidworx SkyJib 8 Airframe, the largest and strongest UAV frame available.
  • Motors: 8 Plettenberg premium motors, manufactured in Germany to our specifications.
  • Propellers: Your propellers are balanced before leaving our shop.
  • Camera Setup: Photohigher AV200, with 2-axis stabilization provided by the Photohigher Skyline Gyro.
  • Flight Controller Options: The SkyJib flight system utilizes the DJI fight controller. We have found that our customers prefer this configuration as it allows them to master the control of the craft sooner, without previous RC experience.
  • GPS Integration: Providing Position Hold, Altitude Hold, Care Free Mode, Point of Interest, and Return to Home.
  • Radios: Two Futaba 8FG Transmitters upgraded to 12 Channels. All switch functions clearly labelled and flight settings programmed prior to shipping.
  • LiPo Flight Battery: Four MaxAmps 9000mah capacity 4-cell Batteries are includes 2 for flight and a spare set.
  • LiPo Battery Charger: Hyperion 720 Duo charger, setup and pre-configured to our battery packs.
  • Video Downlink: Standard is a 5.8Ghz 600mW analog video transmitter, to attach to your camera.
  • Wireless HD video via the Teradek Cube optional. Optional configuration are available to address  your HD needs.
  • Video Goggles: Fat Shark Dominator Goggles incorporate a 5.8Ghz receiver with a cabling out for an external screen.
  • Video Receiver: Your craft also comes with a second video receiver that can be used to send your downlink to a computer screen or to a separate video screen.
  • Red and White LED Lighting: Designed for maximum visibility by the pilot
  • Infinite Jib 3-Step Training Program:
    1. Includes AeroSIM windows training software and trainer radio ship when you confirm your order.
    2. ELITE clients have the option to use one of our full size,  yet smaller, Flight Systems for 5 days to gain flight experience with a professional system.
    3. Once your system is completed, up to three members of your team, will attend one day of training at our location, just outside Toronto, Ontario, Canada.   An Infinite Jib Technician will review technical operations, maintenance as well as guide you through your first hands-on flight experience.

 Please contact us to discuss your requirements:  905-859-8857  or email: