What does the Convertible SIX system do?

Our most popular system, this aerial platform was the first of our designs to offer our unique “convertible” functions. With the versatility to carry a variety of lightweight DSLR cameras, the Convertible SIX Flight System delivers results.

How does  it:

For the past two years, our EYE-Droid 6 has been our best selling UAV system and now our new Convertible 6 model is quickly taking the lead. This unique model was developed after we consulted our customers.  As professional operators, they preferred having the option to fly their system either as a one or a two person configuration. Also they required their fight system to be ready to fly with minimal set-up and they wanted smaller shipping cases. Other systems require removing and re- installing the landing gear and gimbal components with all the wires and fittings … this approach did not make sense to our customers. With our Convertible 6 Model#617 we have blended the versatility  size with the utility of a mid-size aerial vehicle. The craft is designed to be a simple as possible to setup. The swing booms only need two bolts each to install onsite. Even the nuts have been replaced with fixed screw plates that make setup a breeze. 

Our objective is to design comprehensive flight systems that deliver performance for our professional customer base. Fundamental to this goal, is that our systems are complete packages which means our customers are not required to work through the process of “add-ons” to finalize their purchase.  As experts in our field, it is our responsibility to ensure the relevancy of every component that is included in our models will satisfy the needs of our customers.

Convertible SIX Model Flight System

Key Features of the Convertible SIX Model include:

  • This uniquely designed aerial platform that, with a flick of a switch, functions either as a one or two person system. When operating in the two-person configuration, the pilot focuses on the position and safety of the vehicle and the co-pilot keeps their attention on the camera’s perspective.
  • Our designs were the first to incorporate our intelligent folding boom method. With minimal effort the system converts effortlessly from a fixed boom flight mode to a compact footprint for transportation.
  • Custom aluminum flight case, finished with high-density foam, industrial hardware and castors as well as extra foam panels so you can customize your additional storage area.
  • Designed on the impressive Droidworx heavy lift airframe with extended landing gear.
  • High quality AXi motors manufactured in the Czech Republic.
  • Propellers, ranked top in our performance testing, are balanced before leaving our shop.
  • 2-Axis stabilized gimbal that can accommodate a range DSLR cameras.
  • Advanced autopilot provides excellent auto navigation, self-leveling and position/altitude hold features.
  • The Pilot operates a 14-channel radio transmitter to control flight operations. This upgraded transmitter also displays telemetry and your flight battery pack voltage. A warning is transmitted when packs runs below its programmable safety level.   The Co-pilot operates an 8-channel transmitter to control gimbal functions.  To help simplify your flight experience, all transmitters functions are clearly labeled and we program your flight settings for you.
  • Video reception is enhanced with a circular polarized antenna system.
  • This power system for the Convertible EIGHT addresses your charging requirements. The battery we selected for this system is an 11,000 mAh 4S Lipo battery pack with upgraded connectors.  Also included, is a premium Hyperion charger that saves time by charging two LiPo packs at the same time.  We pre-program your charger to align with your specific system.  A professional system must have the capability to use AC current; therefore, a power converter is included with your Infinite Jib™ system.
  • Fat Shark Dominator Goggles incorporate a 5.8Ghz receiver with a cable out for an external screen.
  • For added flight safety an onscreen overlay of your flight battery packs voltage is included in your video ground-link transmission as well as an externally mounted voltage and temperature sensor.
  • Red and White LED Boom Lighting: Designed for maximum visibility by the pilot.
  • Because basic repairs should be expected, your Infinite Jib system comes with the spare parts and tools needed to perform common field repairs.


Infinite Jib 2-Step Training Program:

1)     Includes AeroSIM windows training software to accelerate your learning and sharpen your skills as well as a dedicated Trainer radio that ships when you confirm your order.

2)     Once your system is completed, up to three members of your team, will attend one day of training at our location, just outside Toronto, Ontario, Canada. An Infinite Jib Technician will review technical operations, maintenance as well as guide you through your first hands-on flight experience.

 Please contact us to discuss your requirements:  905-859-8857  or email: sales@infinitejib.com