This page contains answers to commonly asked questions we get about our flight systems. Please contact us for more information.

How do I find out the payload capacity of a flight system?
On this website we provide payload information to help you compare the potential of our models.
May I buy just the parts?
The main focus of our business is to assist our clients with complete solutions for their specific needs. Accessories available from Droidworx and other manufactures that we use and trust are available upon request.
How much can it lift?
Each craft has been designed to maximize the flight. The industry standard for flight payload is accepted as the weight equal to that of a common DSLR and lens.   We can accommodate payloads based on variations in lenses, battery packs, and other equipment, so that you may fly with confidence.
How long will it fly?
The flight times for each craft are affected by several factors such as payload, the number of motors and battery choices. We have posted an average for each aircraft based on their respective system page.
How high can it fly?
The control of the system is crucial to the success of any flight. You should maintain visual contact with the craft at all times. It is not recommended that the craft fly above 400 ft. Always check with your local authority before commercial operations.  
How does weather affect my flights?
Wind and rain will have the greatest effect on both the quality of your image capture and the performance of your system. In addition, if you are flying in below-freezing conditions, there will be a reduction in your battery’s performance and some camera equipment such as shutters will stop working in sub-zero conditions.
Do I need a radio license?
If you are unclear about the regulations in your area, we suggest that you check with your local authorities.
How can I learn to fly?
Our systems come with flight simulation software that will help you become accustomed to the flight characteristics of a multi-rotor UAV.  
What kind of cameras can I use on my system?
Customers select their photographic equipment from many types and styles of cameras to suit their application. Based on the choice of camera, the UAV model can be determined.
How do I see what the camera is shooting?
In most cases, live view video-out or a through-lens system is used to enable the operator to see the same images as the camera.
Is there a screen display on the ground?
Yes, a LCD display mounted on a tripod is provided. 
Can other people see what the camera is viewing?
Yes the video image is broadcasted on open frequencies. Multiple monitors can be used to view the image in different locaitions.
How much will shipping cost?
Once we have determined all of the components you will require, we will be able to provide you with a shipping quote based on your choice of air or ground.
Do you have repair kits?
We include a maintenance kit with each system to help you minimize your down time. We also hold stock of spares and accessories for your convenience.
Can I do my own repairs?
Yes, and No, most customers are able to complete these themselves and the items included in maintenance kits support the more typical minor repairs. Please contact Infinite Jib before undertaking any maintenance. Check with your local authorities to see if doing your own repairs or modifications affects your status with your local aviation authority.
What do I do if I land hard?
If you suffer from a hard landing, we urge you to thoroughly go over the components of your system and ensure that no items have been damaged. Contact Infinite Jib or your reseller to discuss your situation.
Where can I get insurance and how much is it?
We have a link to an insurance provider that is familiar with the Canadian aviation and UAV industry.  Please refer to the “Our Service Hangar” section of our web site.
What are the local flying regulations?
The key government agencies in USA and Canada that have an interest in the new aerial technologies are:


Do you offer a service program for repairs?
We offer a complete service program with reasonable rates that includes major repairs, diagnostics and upgrades.
How big is the aircraft?
Each system has a different size. The UAV sizes are listed in the “How to Select” section of this web site.  
What will it be shipped in?
Each system comes in a customized aluminum case to provide you with secure storage to protect your investment. 
How quickly can I get one?
In most cases, your flight solution can be shipped within 3-4 weeks from the confirmation of your order and receipt of your deposit.
Why do I need a deposit?
Your deposit is required to confirm your sale and schedule your system into our production.
What if I change my mind after the deposit?
We make every effort to ensure that we have answered all of your questions and concerns. Your deposit is non-refundable. If your requirements change in the short time it will take to complete your build, the deposit may be transferred to the new build specifications.
What type of batteries come with it?
Batteries come in many different types.  The types best suited for our craft at the present are batteries called Lithium-Ion Polymer, or Li-poly or LiPos. Li-poly batteries have the advantage of both low weight and high current capability. Infinite Jib has chosen to purchase our batteries from Max Amps, an American manufacturer.  Max Amps produces the highest quality batteries that offer exceptional weight to capacity ratings. Max Amps batteries have the best ratings in the RC world.
How do I recharge the batteries?
The charger is configured at our facility to match the batteries you will use from Max Amps
How long does it take to charge a battery?
Charging times can range from 5 mins to 45 mins, depending on the capacity of the battery, level of discharge, and the level of charging required. We recommend a few cycles on new batteries to allow you to maximize flight times.
Is it dangerous to charge the batteries?
LiPo batteries need to be respected at all times and detailed instructions are provided with your system’s battery packs.  Detailed care and handling instructions are provided on the Max Amps website (insert hyper link:
What electronics are on-board?
The Infinite Jib flight systems are a blend of mechanical and electronic components.  The main component is the Flight Controller (FC), this would be the brains of the ship. The next is the Radio Control (RC) unit, which is your human interface with the Flight Controller. The Electronic Speed Controllers (ESCs) provide the nervous system by sending pulses to the motors. Finally, the motors are the muscles of the craft, spinning the propellers at precisely controlled revolutions per minute (rpm).
Why do you have a GPS board?
All of our multi-rotor systems come equipped with a GPS system. The popularity of the Multi-Rotor craft is based on its ability to offer both inexperienced and experienced pilots a stable and easy-to-fly UAS. The GPS unit provides the Flight Controller its latitude and longitude coordinates on earth. The accuracy and features of the GPS system depends on the model of the flight controller, local structures and atmospheric conditions.
Will your craft fly by GPS quadrants or waypoints?
Yes, selecting waypoints is as easy as touching a point on a map using the included iPad.
Can you ship our new craft right away?
We strive to have a ready-to-ship status at all times. That being said, the majority of our customers prefer to utilize our skill to customize their models to align with their specific needs.
How are computer boards updated?
The manufactures of Flight Controllers always make adjustments and add features to their boards. Infinite Jib will stay on top of these upgrades and will, on occasion, make recommendations regarding any changes.
Why is propeller selection so important?
The Multi-Rotor craft requires specific propeller types to perform the task of lifting and moving your craft. All multi-rotor crafts have an even number of propellers, with an even number of clockwise and counter-clockwise spinning propellers. The propellers spin in different directions to prevent the craft from spinning about its own axis. The direction of the rotation is critical.  If you remove the propellers, ensure they are returned to their correct rotation orientation.
Who makes all of the components of your craft?
There are so many different components on our craft that there would be too many to cover. Our goal at Infinite Jib is to utilize the best of brand components available, be it the components we manufacture ourselves or from our vendors. Infinite Jib endeavors to follow a “Shop North America” policy.
Can I get a list of all the parts used?
Nope…. Sorry, Mc Donald’s has its secret sauce and KFC has its secret blend of herbs and spices and so do we ;-). 
How do I control the unmanned aerial vehicle?
Control is through a remote control transmitter that you hold in your hands. The transmitter is fully programmed and all control switches have been labeled to aid in your flying.
Why do the motors rotate in different directions?
If all the motors spun in the same direction, a multi-rotor craft would spin about its centre axis. To prevent this, motors are set up to spin in opposite directions. The propellers are also designed to spin in those opposite directions.