We are pleased to present the following videos:

“Understanding Course Lock or Carefree Mode”

This video demonstrates the feature of called ” Course Lock” or “Carefree Mode”.
One aspect of learning to control an RC vehicle is that when the vehicle changes direction you have to modify your control movements to achieve the correct results. When the Eye-Droid craft is pointing away from you, if you move the right stick forward the craft moves forward. When the craft is pointing to the left, moving the right stick forward causes the craft to move to the left. Experienced RC operators are use to this characteristic. Having the ability to turn on Course Lock allows pilots new to RC to operate their craft with greater ease and relaxation.

Fail Safe Feature ” Return To Home”

This video shows the DJI Fail Safe feature called “Return to Home”.
This particular craft was outfitted without a Camera Gimbal and the X3 channel was available to be assigned to a Return To Home switch. The craft was moved away from the “Home” position from which it was initialized. The RTH feature was engaged by activating a switch on the Futaba Controller. This feature would also engage if the craft lost communication with the transmitter. The craft rose to 20m above the home position then returned to the home position. The craft then waited 15seconds to attempt to regain control if it had been lost with the transmitter. The craft then did a controlled landing within 1m of the home position.


Meridian Multirotor UAV for Aerial Surveying

Nimble, feisty, ready to work.
The Meridian Multirotor UAV delivers performance unrivaled in its class.

Orion Radiometric Multirotor UAV using FLIR A65 Thermal Camera / Sensor

Here’s a short demonstration of our latest craft the ORION V2.
This craft is the next generation Thermal System created by Infinite Jib’s R&D team.
The craft can fly longer, faster, and carry larger payloads than Version 1
The ORION V2 craft has a custom long range data link to provide live command and control of the on-board computer.

And has 22 more LED indicator lights than previous models….
Flashing lights that mean something are always impressive :-)