Discover the possibilities of UAV flight systems.

As the expectations and requirements of our client’s evolve, so does the range of applications for our flight systems. Following are just a few examples of the industrial and commercial areas where our systems are making a positive impact.

We become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us.
– Marshall McLuhan

aerial surveying - uav applications 

Aerial Surveying

  • Volume Calculations – Used to accurately estimate the efficiency of machines and mining methods
  • 3D Mapping – Provides data that can reduce costs and improve effectiveness of mining operations
  • Construction Site Information – Aerial surveys for planning, pre-construction and construction phases

inspections - uav applications


  • Power Lines – Reveal important condition information
  • Wind Turbine Blades – Identify damages or faulty blades that can reduce overall productivity
  • Bridges – Perform initial visual assessments from all perspectives

agriculture - uav applications


  • Precision Agriculture: Gather key information to enhance variable-rate application decisions
  • Crop Management: Monitor and control crops during the season to maximize return

emergency support - uav applications

Emergency Support

  • Search & Rescue – Safely and effectively search for victims of natural disasters and other emergency situations.

thermal photography - uav applications

Thermal Photography

  • Solar – Define anomalies and complete inspections during normal operations with no costly shutdown required
  • Building – Deliver superior imaging quality to accurately evaluate your thermal situation

environmental research - uav applications

Environmental Research

  • Water – Forestry. The calibration and operation of the instrument yields absolute surface temperatures while the system navigates in flight

solar inspections - uav applications

Solar Inspection

  • Uniquely suited for inspections of major installations requiring specified data for assessment and management decisions

commercial structure inspection - uav applications

Commercial Structure Inspection

  • Capture data of large scale complexes that require exacting condition assessment

live stock - uav applications

Live Stock

  • Monitor and inspect live stock utilizing an aerial advantage and temperature readings of each pixel captured

land mine inspection - uav applications

Land Mine Inspection

  • Safe and effective means of detection

advanced applications - uav applications

Advanced Applications

  • Environment/Scientific Research – capable of flying advanced sensors to aid in detailed analyze of a specified area.