Since 2014, Pioneer Exploration Ltd. has been a valued client of Infinite Jib™ Inc. and the first to push the limits of remote sensing in the exploration industry with their UAV Aero-Mag system. Pioneer operates a custom Surveyor 630 UAV, for medium-scale aerial projects. Due to the robust design of the Surveyor 630, Pioneer is able to customize their sensor packages to fit their diverse client requirements.​

Pioneer Exploration has recently completed another remarkable UAV Magnetometer aerial survey, this time in the Yukon Territory,  home to some of the most spectacular scenery in Canada.

Infinite Jib is proud to service the progressive UAV requirements of this success driven company -Pioneer Exploration Consultant Ltd. Website:


Whitehorse JIb Mag Survey #1

Whitehorse Jib Mag Survey #2

Whirehorse Jib Mag Survey