We are pleased to announce the launch of our consultation service, specializing on developing sensor integration prototypes. Purpose of building prototypes is to communicate ideas, capture knowledge and improve product designs. We provide advise on the best prototype materials and methods so what you get is exactly what you need. Each sensor payload is analyzed before prototyping them in order to identify potential improvements that will deliver the highest value out of your prototype. As a comprehensive product developer, we direct the selection of prototype materials and methods that will be incorporated into the final manufactured product.
Some previous consultation projects included integration of the following instrumentation: GEM Magnetometer, Velodyne, LIDAR, FLIR Thermal Instrumentation, Headwall Hyperspectral and SBG Inertial Measurement Unit.
Our experience covers a wide variety of remote controlled systems including: Multi-Rotor UAV, Fixed Wing UAS, Ground and Marine units.

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