The sky’s the limit to what you can accomplish with this new way of looking at things! Let’s investigate here where our aerial robots can take you.

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Is it a camera you need to elevate? Is it a professional sensor?   From our North American base, Infinite Jib designs and manufactures state of the art and highly innovative unmanned multi-rotor aerial flight systems for everyone from individual videographers to large commercial operators.

  • Matching (and modifying) the right technology to the individual customer’s needs is the cornerstone of our success but it doesn’t end there.
  • We build long-term relationships with our customers providing service, support, repairs, maintenance and parts – a total solution.


Flight systems designed and supported for professional applications.

Comprehenisve systems that include features the professional requires to maximize operations. 

Infinite Jib™ Inc. systems are backed with the expertise to provide you with exceptional support and dependable service.

About Infinite Jib – your experts on:

  • Customer Service
  • Training
  • Exceptional ‘after sale’ client support
  • Droidworx Airframes
  • FLIR Infrared Sensors
  • Multi-rotor UAV Applications
  • Aerial Photography
  • Camera Selection for UAV Integration
  • UAV Photography

  • Custom Configurations
  • Video Down Link Options
  • Thermal Aerial Photography
  • Service and Repairs to your craft
  • Spare Parts
  • Understanding YOUR needs